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2014 Investigative Science Skills
Investigation of the Effect of Weights on the Efficiency of the Hydrogen Car
Sim Hng Anh (20), Chee Jer En(11) & Colin Tan(22)
School of Science & Technology, Singapore

The aim of this paper is to find out question is how does weight affect the efficiency of the hydrogen car. We will video down the change in speed and acceleration of the car when different amount of weight is placed in the cart and analyse the clip to find out how the motion of the car changed over-time. The results that we would find would be the change in the speed of the car and the acceleration of the car. Through this experiment, we can find out if the car is efficient and whether this form of technology is worth our time for research. As this technolgy is one of the new emerging technology that might solve our energy crisis so this research would have a huge impact.

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